09/02/2015 11:26 EDT

Lululemon Unveils New Pant Line Based On Feel, Not Fit

They're also based on feel, not style.

Lululemon has introduced a brand new line of pants, and it's all based on feel.

The Canadian retailer's new "Pant Wall" is organized by "engineered sensation" rather than silhouette and includes five new "feels": "Relaxed," "Held In," "Hugged," "Tight" and "Naked," which, according to Refinery 29, is made of "lightweight, buttery-soft Nulu fabric," an advanced material that reportedly feels like a second skin.

According to Lululemon's design director, Antonia Iamartino, the concept came from looking at the idea of training compression, and thinking about how it could be brought to customers in a meaningful way.

"We're so closely connected to how a woman wants to feel and how that links to sport psychology," Iamartino told Fashionista. "It's knowing that if you feel good, you'll perform better -- you'll have confidence and feel stronger."

In addition to these new sensations, the brand has also introduced four new silhouettes and several other design updates, including a seamless front to help prevent camel toe and bonded, laser-cut hems for a cute scalloped line around the ankle that won't roll up. And as for the transparency issue? You won't find that here.

"A lot of the things that we had experienced with that in the past never should’ve happened, and we really learned a lot from that [transparent-pants recall] experience," Iamartino told Refinery 29. "We have new processes, new ways to monitor our fabrics, and new checks-and-balances to just really monitor and keep our eye on that. All of our new pants went through those same procedures and steps to have that not be an experience."

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