09/02/2015 15:20 EDT | Updated 09/02/2016 01:12 EDT

Mystery ballot boxes opened, not related to election

Mystery boxes thought to contain ballots from a past election that were found in a downtown community centre have turned out to be unrelated to any election.

Three locked ballot boxes were discovered in a crawl space at Alexander Park Community Centre on Tuesday and were opened on Wednesday. Police believed they were from an election in pre-amalgamation Etobicoke. 

But when the boxes were opened at 14 division, police discovered the boxes were Elections Canada Ballot Boxes that were reused in citizen-led voting on issues with the Alexander Park Co-Op in 1982.

The local community group likely used the old boxes because they could be secured. The only thing in the boxes were pamphlets about some of the issues at the co-op at the time.