09/02/2015 13:33 EDT | Updated 09/02/2016 01:12 EDT

Sex ed protests resume as school set to start

Protesters have renewed their calls against changes to Ontario's sexual education curriculum, six days before the new school year begins.

About 50 protesters rallied outside Premier Kathleen Wynne's office on Eglinton Avenue East Wednesday with placards that read "Let kids be kids" and "Too early, Too explicit."

The protest organizers, Campaign Life Coalition, call the new curriculum "radical" and "harmful" and want the governing Liberals to abolish the changes.

The sex ed curriculum has not changed in around 17 years.

Campaign Life Coalition says it plans to protest 107 MPP constituency offices, and have since visited 102.

Niti Gupta, 36, brought her five-year-old daughter Namita to MPP Vic Dhillon's office in Brampton to protest the changes.

Her main concern, she says, is that she should be the one to teach her daughter about gay couples and gender identity.