09/02/2015 15:08 EDT | Updated 09/02/2016 01:12 EDT

Social housing, public transit top Montreal mayor's federal wish list

The mayor of Montreal has a $2-billion wish list for whomever wins the seat of prime minister in October.

On Wednesday, Denis Coderre — who was previously an MP and Liberal cabinet member — outlined the areas he wants more federal funding for in Montreal, including:

- $201 million a year for social housing ($185 million for building construction, renovation and upkeep, and $16 million for other measures.)

- $200 million a year for public transit, with funding based on usage and not on population.

- $77 million a year for infrastructure, with funding based on municipalities' population densities.

- $10 million a year for public security.

- $1 million a year for radicalization prevention programs.

​"As the country's second-biggest city, Montreal expects specific things from the federal government, which plays an important role in economic and social development," Coderre said.

He said the federal government's contributions to Montreal have to reflect the city's importance to the Canadian economy.

Coderre also mentioned a number of Montreal-related issues that he wants to make sure the federal candidates don't forget about:

- Montreal's continued rejection of tolls on the new Champlain Bridge and the end of door-to-door mail delivery.

- Federal funding for Montreal's 375th anniversary, including the lighting of the Jacques-Cartier Bridge.

- Supervised injection sites — Coderre asked the federal government to uphold the Supreme Court's decision in the matter and grant exemptions so that Montreal can establish such sites.

- Transferring authority of the Port of Montreal to the city and providing funding to rebuild part of the port to accommodate more cruise ships.

- Ensure the government enforces the National Energy Board's authority over the Enbridge and TransCanada pipelines that cross through southern Quebec.

- Reinvestment in Radio-Canada, which is headquartered in downtown Montreal.