09/02/2015 17:24 EDT | Updated 09/02/2016 01:12 EDT

Toronto manager John Gibbons winning more and eating less with the Blue Jays

TORONTO — The Blue Jays' recent run of success has Toronto manager John Gibbons feeling good — and eating less.

In his normal pre-game chat with reporters Wednesday, the 53-year-old Gibbons said his diet is better as a winner.

"I eat less when things are going good," he said. "I'm a frustration eater."

"Look at me," he added with a self-deprecating grin.

Given the Jays led the American League East with a 75-57 record going into Wednesday's game against the Cleveland Indians, Gibbons has reason to smile.

Toronto, which had won eight of its last 10, led the majors in runs (725), homers (185), RBI (693) and slugging percentage (.451). Prior to Wednesday, the Jays were 22-6 since the start of August.

Gibbons said he worries less these days managing a winning club.

"The scoreboard dictates your life quite a bit," he acknowledged.

Life has been "much better," given the Jays' success. "I've got no family to enjoy with, so that hasn't changed," lamented Gibbons, a father of three whose family home is in San Antonio.

A message written on the white board behind Gibbons' desk offers a reminder from a loved one. "Good luck on the season! We love you, Dad!"

Barring player injuries, Gibbons joked his major worry was what he was going to eat for breakfast.

Perhaps it's a measure of Toronto's comfortable run of late that Gibbons was actually asked what his favourite breakfast was.

"I'm an omelette guy," he said.

Gibbons said despite his eating habits, his weight hasn't changed. Muscle weighs more than fat, he added with a smile.


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Neil Davidson, The Canadian Press