09/02/2015 09:56 EDT | Updated 09/08/2015 10:59 EDT

UBC Is Giving Out Scholarships For $0

Don't all jump at once.

Don't all jump at once, now, but the University of British Columbia is handing out scholarships for $0.

One student named Dylan, who will be starting at UBC this month, got an email Tuesday congratulating him on receiving the Chancellor's Scholar Award.

"The first paragraph: 'The University of British Columbia is pleased to offer you the Chancellor's Scholar Award in the amount of $.00 for the 2015W session.'" Dylan, who asked us to leave out his last name for privacy reasons, wrote on Reddit.

A screenshot of the email UBC sent to Dylan.

The scholarship is given to incoming students with a grade point average of at least 95 per cent.

"I already knew of this non-award, but do you have to send out emails after the fact? It's like a bad practical joke," Dylan wrote.

But wait! It gets better: several students also got the same congratulatory email — but they can't actually accept the award.

The award replaced the President's Entrance Scholarship — which came with a financial grant of up to $4,000 — in 2012.

So, uh, we guess congratulations are in order?

(H/T The Ubyssey)

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