09/02/2015 18:36 EDT | Updated 09/02/2016 01:12 EDT

Winnipeg man accused of sending letter bombs to hear Friday if he gets bail

WINNIPEG — A Winnipeg man accused of sending a letter bomb that caused a lawyer to lose her hand will find out later this week if he will get bail.

Guido Amsel was back in front of a Winnipeg judge Wednesday for the second part of his bail hearing.

Judge Heather Pullan will deliver her decision on Friday.

Amsel, who is 49, faces more than a dozen charges, including three counts of attempted murder, after three explosive devices were sent to three different Winnipeg businesses.

Family lawyer Maria Mitousis opened a device at the law office of Petersen King on July 3 and was seriously injured.

The lawyer, who had worked for Amsel's ex-wife in a civil matter, lost her right hand and has extensive injuries to her left hand and upper body.

The bail hearing is subject to a publication ban, which means that anything said in the hearing cannot be published.

Crown prosecutor Chris Vanderhoof is opposing Amsel's release.

Amsel has been in custody for more than 60 days, with about a week of that spent in isolation in Headingley jail.

Defence lawyer Martin Glazer has said Amsel is anxious to get home and back to work.

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