09/03/2015 04:19 EDT | Updated 09/03/2015 04:59 EDT

Girl Finds Bugs In Her Beautyblender In Disgusting Video

If you've got a weak stomach, stop reading now.

Stevie Miller, a beauty vlogger from Norfolk, posted what could possibly be the most disturbing video ever to beauty lovers in which she finds bugs in her brand new Beautyblender. Yes, BUGS.

The discovery came about through a tiny hole in the makeup sponge. Miller proceeded to investigate using tweezers, and out came four dead bugs, some with wings and others with legs.

According to Stevie, she purchased the cult beauty product from an authorized reseller in the UK.

"I'm yet to find exactly what they were," she told Mashable when asked about the insects she discovered inside, "but I had someone look at them and they're not British bugs... so they must have crawled in and got comfortable before they reached the authorized reseller."

However, a representative for Beautyblender e-mailed Refinery29 the following statement:

"We are unable to verify the authenticity of the video or to confirm whether the sponge shown in the video is in fact a genuine Beautyblender purchased from an authorized retailer. Often imitated, but most certainly never duplicated, the Original Beautyblender is produced in an ISO Certified U.S. manufacturing facility that upholds the highest standards in quality control. As a result, it would be impossible for a sponge to come from our facility in the condition depicted in the video. Regardless of whether the video is legitimate, instances like this reconfirm how important it is for consumers to purchase their Beautyblender products only from an authorized retailer to ensure that they receive the level of quality and performance that the Original Beautyblender is known for. To find a list of authorized retailers in your area please visit Beautyblender's website."

Either way, the whole thing is totally unfortunate, especially since the sponge got sacrificed due to its intruders. RIP Beautyblender.

Watch the video above to see it all go down -- if you dare!

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