Exes Ask The Hard Questions Two Years After Breaking Up

It's real and raw, and you're going to need tissues.

Ali and Andrew dated for seven years, and even talked about marriage. Instead, the pair eventually broke up. Now, two years later, they're talking about what went wrong — all in an attempt to gain closure.

In the two-part video series, shared by Glamour magazine, the college sweethearts sit face-to-face while asking each other the difficult questions. It's real and raw, and you're going to need tissues.

"Why did you cheat on me so many times?" a red-faced Ali asks.

Stumbling for words, Andrew clarifies, "I didn't like, do the act of cheating." Ali just closes her eyes and sighs. They're only 20 seconds into the almost 20-minute discussion.

After more than two minutes of coaxing, a solemn-looking Andrew tells a now-crying Ali he doesn't have an answer as to why. The two move on to the next question.

Thankfully, it's a happier one. And the two smile while recalling the first time they met, their first kiss and even what they used to order at the movies together.

It's clear they still care about each other, but the pain is there. And it all comes flooding back in the final two questions. Watch what happens when Andrew asks Ali if she'd ever want to get back together. Then find out what Andrew says when Ali asks him why he still wants to be friends.

The heartbreaking videos are part of "The { } And" project, an interactive documentary from content creators Skin Deep, which explores the relationships of 30 exes.

Would you ever want to have this type of a conversation with your ex? Let us know in the comments below.

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