09/03/2015 10:21 EDT | Updated 09/03/2015 10:59 EDT

Eye-Catching: Beauty And Style Tricks To Highlight The Windows To Your Soul

Shutterstock / Valua Vitaly

If you ask a happy twosome what they first noticed about one another, they’ll most likely admit it was their eyes. It’s how you know someone is kidding, flirting, angry, sad, or mischievous. It’s why Shakespeare called them “the windows to the soul.” So make the most of your most important feature with these beauty and style tricks sure to earn admiring glances.

  • Eyeglasses — Whether you need them or not
    <strong>Eyeglasses — Whether you need them or not</strong>
    Bia Almeida (Flickr)
    The right frames can do wonders to draw attention to your eyes. They’re also an easy way to change your look in a flash. Many fashion trendsetters have an eyeglass wardrobe from which to make their selection. No prescription needed; just get glasses with clear lenses.
  • False eyelashes — go big!
    <strong>False eyelashes — go big!</strong>
    Rachel Kramer Bussel (Flickr)
    They are making another comeback on fashion runways this year. Long feathery lashes command attention and highlight your eyes. Spring for a good quality pair and practice adhering them when have time to get it right and not about to rush out the door.
  • Try permanent eyeliner
    <strong>Try permanent eyeliner</strong>
    Hanbyul (Flickr)
    If you can’t apply eyeliner without looking like a hot mess (it’s a skill), consider having a professional apply an eyeliner tattoo. It’s a very popular trend in Southeast Asia that is picking up steam in North America.
  • Reinvent your look with new haircut
    <strong>Reinvent your look with new haircut</strong>
    Daniela Vladimirova (Flickr)
    Bring added focus to your eyes with the right haircut. Stylists recommend bangs; either a solid fringe or wispy and soft, depending on personal preference. Want them to stay out of your eyes for a night of dancing? Use a strong hair gel to keep them in place.
  • Add dazzle with hair accessories
    <strong>Add dazzle with hair accessories</strong>
    Faylyne (Flickr)
    Anything that will draw someone’s attention to your eyes is a good thing. With that in mind, stock up on cute hair accessories, such as: barrettes, clips, headbands, and bejeweled headpieces. The latest ones tend to have some sparkle to them. Think rhinestones, glitter and metallic finishes.
  • Top it off with a hat
    <strong>Top it off with a hat</strong>
    Lourdes Echevarria (Flickr)
    A hat is always a great fashion basic to have. It also draws people to your eyes and really makes a strong first impression. But stay away from hats with a really wide brim, since that will have the opposite effect and make it difficult for others to establish eye contact. Consider berets, fedoras, and knitted caps.
  • Bedazzled with jewelry
    <strong>Bedazzled with jewelry</strong>
    Naomi King (Flickr)
    Go dramatic when it comes to earrings and necklaces as they entice looks your way. Think balance, so if you go big and bold on your earrings, follow suit with a short choker or necklace. When it comes to complementary colours, there are a few simple rules of thumb. For blue eyes, go for coral, pink and neutral accessories. For brown, opt for gold ones. With green, select jewelry in silver or turquoise.

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