09/03/2015 12:16 EDT | Updated 09/03/2015 12:59 EDT

Hilarious Lies Parents Tell Their Kids

We all lie to our children, whether it's to prevent them from injury or to get them to eat their vegetables. But sometimes the lies become so elaborate that they become borderline hilarious!

On Reddit, one user posted a handful of such lies to the site, proving the ingenuity of parents everywhere. Take a look below.

Hilarious Lies Parents Tell Their Kids

In response to the Reddit post, users began sharing their own hilarious (and adorable!) lies they have either been told or have told their own kids.

One user wrote: “My mother told me that spinach would make me strong like Popeye and if I ate it I could lift the house. I would have a few spoonfuls and then she'd rush outside with me and I’d try and lift the house, squeezing my eyes shut with the effort. She'd go, ‘It moved! It moved! Quick, eat some more!’ and I’d run back inside and finish it off.”

Another said, “I told both of my kids that the ice cream truck was the ‘music truck.’ It's purpose was to drive around and cheer up all the sad people.”

But by far our favourite lie came from user LoveMyPuggle, who wrote: “My mom told me girls peed out of their butts to avoid telling me about vaginas. I went to school and told the other kids before being corrected.”

We can’t stop laughing!