09/03/2015 04:27 EDT | Updated 12/07/2016 03:33 EST

Sex Shops In Canada: 12 Reasons To Check Them Out This Fall

It can be hard to shake the idea that the beginning of autumn means a return to school, even years after you’ve left the classroom for the last time. And while you may not be heading to class, that doesn’t mean you can't enter new territory.

Fall is the time to pop into your local sex shop, sign up for a workshop and explore new ways to turn yourself on.

Visiting an adult sex shop is far less taboo than it once was — after all, many people now run sex-toy parties out of their own living rooms. But for some people, visiting a store can be particularly nerve-racking.

For example, women may find themselves uncomfortable shopping next to men or couples, particularly if they're visiting alone, and LGBT individuals may be looking for a shop where they’ll feel comfortable and welcomed.

And as far as what you'll find there, sex toys today are well designed, well made, and hugely varied. Also, the options at most shops go far beyond dildos and vibrators, into lubricant, lingerie, and books and DVDs. And not only are staff welcoming and sex positive, but they also create comfortable spaces.

But the best reason to make a visit? It can be a turn on. "Going to a sex toy store together can be a great form of foreplay,” says sex therapist Vanessa Marin. "Looking at sex toys and thinking about how you're going to use them on yourselves and each other is undeniably sexy."

Here are 12 reasons to check out a Canadian sex shop this fall, whether it’s for the first time or the hundredth. After all, as the weather gets cooler, we’re all going to have more reasons to stay inside and get close!

Sex Tips For Fall