09/04/2015 03:08 EDT | Updated 09/04/2015 03:59 EDT

Cat Street View Is The Newest Way To Explore The Streets Of Japan

Forget about a bird's-eye-view — now you can view the streets of Japan from the same height as your favourite feline.

Cat Street View is a virtual map that takes cat-loving tourists through the streets of Onimichi. Think of it like Google street view, just nine-and-a-half inches off the ground instead of the usual 2.5 metres.

cat street view site

The site was created by a Hiroshima tourism board, which used web cams, collar cams and Go Pros to capture the footage, Tech Crunch reports.

cat street view path

Currently there are only three paths to take on the site. Highlghts include 28 shops, seven city landmarks and images of 11 street cats whose bios are attached. New paths are currently in the works.

cat street view bios

Japan's appreciation for furry felines goes a lot further than cat street view, Hello Kitty and even cat cafes. According to International Business Times, cats have long been viewed as symbols of protection and good fortune in Japanese folklore.

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