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Queen's Bench judge rules in dispute between Metis factions in Saskatchewan

SASKATOON — A Court of Queen’s Bench judge has issued a ruling in a dispute among members of the Metis Nation - Saskatchewan and the Provincial Metis Council.

Justice Brian Scherman says MNS president Robert Doucette failed to prove that other members of the council, including vice-president Gerald Morin, ignored a court order to call a Metis Legislative Assembly.

Scherman calls it a case of "Metis battling Metis."

He says the participants "do not pit muskets, Sharp and Winchester rifles against government troops, military carbines and Gatling guns."

Instead, he says the field of battle consists of "partisan politicking and strategic posturing."

Doucette says the bottom line is the group needs to call a council meeting as soon as possible while Morin says the whole thing is a debacle.

"The real issue in all this costly litigation has been the contempt that Robert Doucette has for the democratic values and traditions of the Métis Nation in Saskatchewan," says Morin.

"As the judge noted, the MNS Constitution and its democratic processes and ideals have been subverted for years."


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