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Saskatchewan NDP says former staff trained by Lean now working for company

REGINA — Saskatchewan's Opposition says former senior health administrators who got special training on the taxpayers dime are now working for the company that did the training.

The NDP says the deputy health minister told a legislative committee in April that those who receive special Lean leader training would have to do a five-year return of service.

Health critic Danielle Chartier wonders why that hasn't happened in the case of four former health senior management people who are now working as Lean consultants.

Chartier pointed to former Saskatoon Health Region CEO Maura Davies, who has joined the American Lean consulting firm hired to bring Lean methods to health care in Saskatchewan.

Health Minister Dustin Duncan says none of the people mentioned in the release, including Davies, who was a staunch opponent of LEAN, participated in the program.

"It is the role of the opposition to hold the government accountable, but it really is unfortunate when time after time after time with this NDP under the leadership of Mr. Broten where we just have to come out and correct so many accuracies," Duncan said.

Lean is a program that aims to streamline organizations and cut costs.

NDP Leader Cam Broten has previously criticized the government's $40-million contract with the U.S. consultant John Black and Associates to implement Lean.

He has slammed the used of Japanese consultants, including Japanese sensei who cost $3,500 a day to teach Lean techniques.


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