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Saskatchewan's stripping law means male dancers won't be able to show it all

REGINA — Saskatchewan's stripping laws mean the male dancers who are scheduled to appear at Regina Ladies Night won't get to perform their usual routine.

An all-male strip show called Body Heat will still be doing a show on Sept. 18 at a downtown Regina bar.

But the business manager for the entertainment company putting on the show says there will be "no stripping in front of the ladies."

Prior to last year, provincial law barred stripping in venues where alcohol was sold, but the regulations were changed last year so that dancers could peel down to their underwear.

In late March, the government reversed its decision and now only allows stripping at charity events.

According to the organizers, the show was booked before the stripping laws were repealed.

The odd circumstances don't seem to be slowing down ticket sales.

As of Friday, all the VIP tickets were sold out, and only about 40 regular tickets were left.


CJME, The Canadian Press

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