09/08/2015 05:56 EDT | Updated 09/08/2015 06:59 EDT

Eve Adams Had Some Harsh Words For Stephen Harper On Twitter


Even though she won't be a candidate in the upcoming election, Eve Adams isn't staying out of politics.

The former Conservative parliamentary secretary, who lost the Liberal nomination in Toronto's Eglinton-Lawrence riding, had some eyebrow-raising words for Stephen Harper on Twitter Tuesday, referencing his ex-chief of staff Nigel Wright and the ongoing refugee crisis in Syria.

The Conservative leader cited security concerns for his refusal to committing to do more to help Syria's refugees.

Adams also tweeted about a pregnant girl who allegedly fainted at the end of a question period prep meeting, claiming Harper tried to block others from helping her:

"That was the moment I realized I worked for a jerk. He yelled at us to retake our seats," she wrote in an email to Huffington Post Canada.

"The meeting was already OVER. He did nothing for her. Directed no one to help- Actually, and specifically, yelled at us for helping her."

Adams said she did not want to name the pregnant girl to protect her privacy.

She did not elaborate on Harper's alleged comments about Wright, nor why she was tweeting about this story now.

The Conservatives had not responded to a request for comment at time of publication.


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