09/08/2015 07:46 EDT | Updated 09/08/2015 07:59 EDT

Jackrabbit's Jump At McMahon Stadium Is More Impressive Than Any CFL Player's

As idiots on the field go, this jackrabbit may be the cutest one we've seen yet.

A Labour Day game between the Edmonton Eskimos and the Calgary Stampeders at the latter's McMahon Stadium was interrupted by a rabbit in the first half, Yahoo!'s 55 Yard Line blog reported.

The adorable animal ran on to the field and did an endzone display that rivals any leap or touchdown dance we've seen in Canadian football.

The rabbit appeared in the second quarter, bounding down the field before running into the endzone and making its fantastic jump, which was captured by Vine user Danny Cotton.

A second rabbit run followed later in the game, when an agile runner (we're not certain if it was the same animal) rushed an endzone.

McMahon Stadium manager John Haverstock told The Calgary Herald that rabbits have invaded games before, but this one had a "flair for the dramatic."

Canadian Rabbit Hopping Club member Rosemarie Greening told the newspaper that the bunny could have beaten height and length records for jumping.

Idiots on the field normally look like this ...

Or this.

But we'll take this rabbit any day.

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