09/08/2015 03:51 EDT | Updated 09/08/2015 06:59 EDT

Raffi's New Election Song Asks Listeners To Vote For Democracy

Warning: the chorus may be stuck in your head all day.

One of Canada’s most-beloved children’s entertainers is continuing to use his power of song to move people to election polls ahead of October’s upcoming vote.

Raffi Cavoukian, a seemingly omnipresent voice on all things related to Canadian politics on Twitter, said the purpose of his latest ballad is to underscore “the importance of voting.”

“Democracy is the heart of a free society and Canadians can feel proud of their democratic traditions,” the B.C.-based singer-songwriter explained in a video description of his latest song, “Vote for Democracy.”

The lyrics are simple and predictably catchy. And absent are Raffi’s personal anti-Conservative political leanings.

Vote, vote, vote for democracy,

Vote, vote, vote for the right to be free.

Vote, vote, vote for democracy,

Stand on guard for your country.

“Vote For Democracy” is the second song political-themed song Raffi has released during the campaign.

His first, “I Want My Canada Back,” set the tone to his get-out-the-vote message in August when he asked Canadians to “vote together.”

But Raffi isn’t the only one using his guitar and voice to create songs with strong political — and Canadian — flavour.

Last month, federal scientist Tony Turner made headlines after he was put on paid leave after an anti-Harper protest song he wrote and recorded triggered an Environment Canada investigation.

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