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Darwin, the Ikea monkey, to remain at sanctuary after change of ownership

SUNDERLAND, Ont. — The Ikea monkey doesn't have to worry about finding new digs now that new owners have bought the sanctuary and the property where he lives.

Darwin — who became famous in 2012 when he was found wandering outside a Toronto Ikea store wearing a shearling coat — has been living at Story Book Farm Primate Sanctuary since a court placed him there.

Story Book board member Daina Liepa says Darwin and 19 other monkeys faced eviction after the sanctuary's previous owner went through a divorce and decided to sell.

The board had trouble raising money to buy the land and feared they wouldn't be able to find Darwin and the other animals a new home.

Liepa says two benefactors came forward to buy the property and officially closed the deal in mid-July.

She says they have big plans to expand the sanctuary, bring in two research monkeys and have an unveiling ceremony some time next year.

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