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Group were playing around before school bus hit and killed teen: witness

SYDNEY, N.S. — A teen who saw his friend killed after he was hit by a school bus outside a high school in Sydney, N.S., last winter told police in a videotaped statement that he didn't think the accused meant to do it.

The videotape testimony came on the second day of the trial of a 15-year-old boy charged with criminal negligence causing death.

In previous testimony, the witness who cannot be identified said he didn't remember telling police after the incident that the 18-year-old victim, Chris Chafe, had asked what would happen if he was pushed in front of the bus.

He also said he couldn't remember being interviewed by police.

In the video, the boy says a group of teens were playing around and pushing each other outside Sydney Academy on Feb. 11 when the incident happened.

He says Chafe made the statement about being pushed before being shoved by the defendant, but adds the boy didn't mean to push Chafe over a snowbank and into the bus.

The witness told police he didn't think the defendant saw the bus coming because he was blocking the other teen's view.

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