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28 Healthy Recipes That Can Be Made Super Fast

Your weeknight meal woes, solved.

Making dinner after a long day's work can sometimes seem like an impossible feat. Often, it's just easier to get takeout and relax before starting all over again.

But ordering out all the time can end up costing a fortune — according to Stats Canada's most recent numbers, the average household spends over $2,200 on restaurant food and eating takeout per year.

And let's be honest, we aren't always ordering food that is particularly healthy. A recent study showed that restaurant food in many cases is just as unhealthy as fast food when compared to preparing a home-cooked meal. The study showed both fast food and restaurants has substantially larger amounts of fat, saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium.

Cooking supper doesn't have to take up your entire evening. Thanks to Country Living, here are 28 recipes that can be prepared in 25 minutes or less — and they're even good for you.

Watch the video above to see the delicious recipes.

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