09/09/2015 04:35 EDT | Updated 09/10/2015 03:59 EDT

Powerful University Ad Shows The Strength Of Refugee Who Became A Lawyer

He had a horrible childhood, but now he's an accomplished professional.

A new video from Western Sydney University tells the story of one of their recent graduates, a Sudanese refugee who became an accomplished lawyer.

Deng Thiak Adut was taken from his mother when he was six years old and forced to fight with the rebels during the second Sudanese civil war. He was tortured and witnessed horrible atrocities. After being shot in the back at age 12, the U.N. eventually smuggled him out of Sudan. He was then taken to Australia and granted asylum in 1998, according to the video.

It was in Australia that Adut accomplished some amazing things, including teaching himself to read at age 15. He attended Western Sydney University while living in his car and then went on to practice law.

Now, he's calling on Australia to do more to help Syrian refugees.

''They’re innocent children, they have no reason to be in that situation,'' Adut told Daily Mail Australia.

‘'These future generations…whatever trauma they’re being put through they will be the next oppressors of the future.’'

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