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Justin Trudeau Got Nardwuared On The Campaign Trail

Justin Trudeau was caught a little off-guard in Vancouver Thursday after a well-known music journalist showed up to a press conference with a toy and an oddball request.

"Paul Martin did the Hip Flip game," said Nardwuar the Human Serviette, who is renowned for his well-researched yet offbeat interviews.

"Jean Chretien did the Hip Flip game, Jack Layton did the Hip Flip game, Michael Ignatieff did the Hip Flip game."

The 1960s game features a stick with plastic hands on either end. Players press the hands against their stomachs and gyrate with the goal to spin the centre piece around.

Nardwuar, wearing his trademark tartan hat, asked Trudeau if he would play. The Liberal leader agreed. Nardwuar pressed on, asking if he would stay true to his word.

Instead of a firm "yes," Trudeau responded with a dig at NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair.

"You can. When I give my word I keep it, unlike someone who didn’t show up at Vancouver Pride a few months ago," said the Grit leader. (Mulcair skipped the city’s Pride Parade to launch the federal party’s election campaign in Gatineau in August.)

Some loved the Hip Flip’s much-anticipated appearance on the election trail.

Nardwuar posted the moment of truth to YouTube, along with the full "interview."

We have no idea who actually won, but Trudeau now officially joins the ranks of Hip Flippers:

The colourful Vancouver personality also brought up Trudeau’s parents, praising the family’s "rich, rich rock and roll tradition."

Nardwuar, who legally changed his name from John Ruskin, referenced the classic song "Go Go Trudeau."

Trudeau laughed and quipped, "I prefer Go Go Harper these days to be entirely true."

"Go Go Trudeau" was released in 1968, the same year the Hip Flip first hit store shelves.

Watch Les Sinners’ classic hit “Go Go Trudeau” below:

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