09/10/2015 12:21 EDT | Updated 09/10/2016 05:12 EDT

Mulcair: NDP Would Create More Than 40,000 Youth Jobs

Mulcair's program calls for a crackdown on unpaid internships.

WINNIPEG — NDP Leader Tom Mulcair is promising to create more than 40,000 youth jobs, paid internships and co-op placements over four years.

He says an NDP government would work with the private sector and NGOs and provide up to $100 million a year for the program, which aims at cutting the youth unemployment rate of 13.1 per cent.

The plan would create apprenticeship spaces through federal infrastructure projects, in federally regulated airports or port authorities.

All federal infrastructure projects greater than $10 million would have to hire apprentices.

The federal government would also provide $5 million a year in grants so that municipalities can create 1,250 apprenticeships.

The program also calls for a crackdown on unpaid internships.

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