09/10/2015 07:25 EDT | Updated 09/11/2015 11:59 EDT

'Super Mario Bros. 3' Was A Stage Play The Whole Time, Creator Reveals

Mario never really killed Bowser at the end.

Did Mario really kill Bowser at the end of "Super Mario Bros. 3"?

No. It was all an act.

That was just one of a series of facts that Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto revealed on Thursday, one day before Nintendo releases new game "Super Mario Maker."

The truth bomb came via a video titled "Mario Myths with Mr Miyamoto" that was posted to Twitter on Thursday.

At one point, Miyamoto was asked, "Was 'Super Mario Bros. 3' all just a performance?"

To which he nodded yes. And it makes total, perfect sense.

Recall the opening, when a curtain goes up.

And the blocks Mario stood on, which looked like they were bolted to a wall.

(H/T Game Informer)

And how the background changed, as though Mario was walking off stage.

In other words, we were playing a play this whole time.

The theory that "Super Mario Bros. 3" was all just a stage play was advanced by an infographic that circulated on the Internet recently, Game Informer said.

As Shakespeare might have said: all the game's a stage, and Mario and Luigi merely players.

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