09/10/2015 04:39 EDT | Updated 09/10/2015 04:59 EDT

Threenagers: Reasons They Think Their Parents Are Total A-Holes


After surviving the "Terrible Twos," parents have to endure the Threenager stage when your kid thinks you are the reason for everything that ails them. Including...

1. You're Playing Too Realistically

I've just been told off for playing too realistically #toddler #threenager #fickle #play #ikea #flower #kid

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2. You Placed The Wrong Order

3. You Take Too Many Photos

This is the face you get from a three-year-old who's taken one too many pics on vacation. #threenager

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4. You Aren't Listening

5. You're Looking At Him!

245 | 365 Get out mom! #threenager

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6. You Won't Get The Toilet Paper You Flushed Down The Toilet

7. You Ate The Chicken She Shared

8. She Can't See The Music On The Radio

Because she couldn't "see" the music that was playing on the radio. #threenager @whyismykidcrying #iwishiwasjoking

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9. It's Sunny Out

She's mad at me because it's sunny out #threenagerproblems

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10. Ed Sheeran

when "thinking out loud" comes on the radio #playedout #threenagerproblems

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11. The Shadow Is Following Him

"Mom make that shadow stop following me, he not listen to me" #threenagerproblems #goodhairday #eyesmatchshirt

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12. 'Thomas' Is Over

13. You Won't Let Her Dance In The Road

14. She Can't Paint The Cat

When mum stops me painting the cat #threeyearoldprobs #threenager #assholeparent

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