09/11/2015 10:37 EDT | Updated 09/11/2015 11:59 EDT

Toronto Blue Jays Logo Gets A Man Bun (PHOTO)

We've been seeing a lot of man bun variations lately, from the Cinnaman bun to Dogbuns to even micro fedora man buns...but this version takes the cake.

Someone by the name of Tim Spencer has decided to update the Toronto Blue Jays logo by giving the bird a man bun, or what we like to call an "onion bun" (basically an undercut with the upper part pulled into a tiny bun).

The result is this:

blue jays man bun

The updated logo is an homage to Jays third baseman and MVP candidate Josh Donaldson, who's been sporting a man bun for most of the season.

josh donaldson

Naturally, the updated logo got a lot of reactions on Twitter:

Some were extremely happy about it:

While others weren't too pleased:

But obviously, Toronto's Twitter god (a.k.a. councillor Norm Kelly)'s opinion is what matters most:

Preach, Norm.

(h/t: Blog TO)

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