09/12/2015 01:05 EDT | Updated 09/11/2016 05:12 EDT

By The Numbers: A Look At The Youth Unemployment Rate On Stephen Harper's Watch


OTTAWA — Canadian youth have been showered this week with promises of jobs. The NDP has pledged up to $100 million annually over four years to help create more than 40,000 jobs, paid internships and co-op placements for youth. The Liberals say they would go further, spending $1.5 billion over the same time frame in an effort to help 125,000 young people find work.

Both parties say youth have had trouble finding employment on Stephen Harper's watch. Is that true? While there are many metrics to determine whether youth are getting work jobs, one is the unemployment rate.

Here is a look at Canada's unemployment rate, and the rate for youth aged 15-24, since Harper became prime minister in 2006.