How To Fall Asleep: The Trick You Need To Try Tonight

This good old trick never fails.

From drinking warm milk to counting sheep, anyone who's suffered through a restless night has probably tried a million things to help them fall asleep.

But what if you could stay in your warm cozy bed and fall asleep without overthinking it? Well, according to the video above by NY Mag, there's one thing you can try that might just do the trick — place one or both feet outside of the blanket.

When we're sleeping or starting to fall asleep, our body temperature naturally drops. Our feet however, are specially designed to help regulate heat loss. According to Natalie Dautovich of the National Sleep Foundation, this decrease in body heat reaches it's lowest when we reach a deep sleep. But don't worry, you probably aren't shivering in your sleep thanks to all your soft and warm blankets.

In fact, Dautovich says you might actually notice you wake up with one foot outside of your blanket already. This is because the blanket may overheat you in your sleep and exposing your foot is one of the fastest ways to lower your internal temperature, Medical Daily explains.

But just like in the daytime, some people naturally run hot while others run cold. TIME reports that for some seniors in France, a skin temperature of 32 degrees Celsius is ideal for sleep. So, finding the right temperature for you might take some time.

For the best rest, experts suggest keeping your room between a comfortable 15 to 19 degrees Celsius.

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