This Wolfdog Went On An Adventure And The Photos Are Stunning

This dog has over 230,000 Instagram followers and there's no wonder why.

This is Loki. He's a husky, arctic wolf and malamute mix and he goes on some of the most envy-inducing adventures you'll ever see.

Colorado-based photographer Nate Grimm created an Instagram account to capture all of Loki's majestic moments just over a year ago — he now has over 230,000 followers.

And it's no wonder why. A quick scroll through Loki's page and you'll see incredible views of snow-peaked mountains, action shots of Loki in wolf mode and adorable throwbacks of a young Loki posing with friends and family.

D O N ' T L O O K B A C K.

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#wcw Grandma is trying to choke me and is happy about it. Help.

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We don't know whether we want to take a trip to Colorado or just snuggle up with Loki, but if there's a chance we can do both, we'll take it!