09/14/2015 03:40 EDT | Updated 09/14/2015 03:59 EDT

Cop's 'Klepto Kitty' Brings Home A Bag Of Weed

Happy Klepto Kitty

"Look what the cat dragged in" has a whole new meaning for Oregon police officer Dave Kempas after his cat, Tigger, brought home a bag of weed.

Kempas, 59, couldn't figure out which of his cats were bringing home their trophies after a long night of "hunting," so he set up a camera and watched Tigger bring home all sorts of goods from underwear to batman masks, and even illegal drugs according to the New York Daily News.

"He's part of my daily routine now," Kempas told the New York Daily News "I get up, get my cup of coffee and see what the cat left in the driveway for me."

The story has garnered so much attention that Kempas has even set up a Facebook account called Happy KleptoKitty which has almost 9,000 followers.

Watch the video above to find out more.

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