09/14/2015 12:00 EDT | Updated 04/24/2016 10:14 EDT

Cold Comfort: 7 Sick Day Strategies That You Learned From Mom

Tom Merton via Getty Images
Mother feeling son's forehead

These mom-approved strategies were brought to you by the makers of TYLENOL®.

Moms possess many superhero qualities, not least of which is a magical ability to provide instant comfort to their ill offspring. They always have a few trusted tricks up their sleeves, from rubbing a little one’s back to tucking a beloved stuffed animal into their arms. Hats off to moms everywhere and all the strategies they’ve mastered to make their sick kids feel better. Such as:


Credit: Ivana Sokolovic

1. Soup’s On

Mom’s homemade chicken soup is like a hug in a bowl. As the aroma wafts over from the kitchen, you can’t help but feel the love. But the healing properties of chicken soup are not psychosomatic — it boasts anti-inflammatory properties and eases congestion.

2. Fever Busting

A cool, damp cloth on the forehead and the trusted relief of Children’s TYLENOL® are just two methods moms rely on to help ease fever, aches, and pains associated with colds and flus. It’s the same TYLENOL® Cold relief she trusts and uses when it’s her turn to have a sick day.

3. Endless Cartoons

It was a real treat to be able to stay home from school and stay close to mom when a cold or flu hit. She’d let you stretch out in front of the television and watch back-to-back cartoons with you until you fell asleep. After all, there’s no age limit for enjoying SpongeBob. (We think.)


Credit: David Goehring

4. Casual dress code

There was something special about being allowed to stay in your pajamas all day long and not have to get dressed. Staying all warm and cozy just made you feel better. Perhaps it was the hidden powers of flannel at work?

5. Sweet Sipping

When not feeling well as a child, you could be sure that mom would put a glass of flat ginger ale next to your bedside to help soothe upset tummies, boost rehydration and restore electrolytes. It worked because ginger’s stomach soothing properties have been known as far back as ancient Greece.

6. Breathe Easy

When congestion interferes with breathing, the misery associated with colds can be even worse. Moms take action with a warm humidifier or a layer of menthol-infused lotion to the chest to make breathing easier again.


Credit: John Morgan

7. ”Cold” comforts

When kids feel under the weather, moms have a special way of providing comfort. Out come the blankets and fluffy pillows, carefully turned into a couch cocoon for a sick child to crawl into. Mom covers up her wee one and then says, “Now, get some rest…” She was right. Research says extra sleep is effective for helping cold sufferers feel better.