09/14/2015 04:17 EDT | Updated 09/15/2015 03:59 EDT

Playing With Your Food: Fun Twists On Classic Snacktime Foods

Andrea Chu via Getty Images
Young girl making silly face with fruit.

Tired of telling your kids to stop playing with their food? Why not help them to do it instead?

Our home chefs have found fun and inventive ways to meld snack time and playtime, be it bringing the smartphone game Angry Birds to brilliant life or gamifying between-meal eats to get your kids earning their snacks and learning along the way.

  • One Crazy Kid
    One Crazy Kid
    Kids love Angry Birds. Kids love food fights. But One Crazy Kid blogger Brandee Foster had the not-crazy idea to combine the two into her real-world game Angry Goldfish Tower Knockdown. (Don't worry, parents can totally play, too.)
  • The Purple Fig
    The Purple Fig
    There's playing with your food, and then there's playing with your food. The Purple Fig's blogger taught her kids the latter approach by turning snack time into a matching memory game.
  • PreshusMe
    Parents have to work to pay for food, so why not make kids work to eat it, at least when it comes to snacks. PreshusMe blogger takes the opportunity to get her hungry kids working on their math and language skills before they get to chow down.
  • Leigh & Meg
    Leigh Combrink
    We've heard of something being cute enough to eat, but this is ridiculous. Not only do these Cute Snacktime Critters add strawberries to the standard cheese and crackers recipes, they're also completely adorable. Who could ask for more?