09/14/2015 07:05 EDT | Updated 09/15/2015 09:59 EDT

'White Students Union' Posters Removed From Toronto Universities

One of the group's goals is "to organize for and advance the interests of Western peoples."

Toronto universities spent Monday morning removing posters that advertised a "white students union," and explained that they were in no way affiliated with their schools.

The poster depicting two men standing in front of the CN Tower also pointed to a website for Students for Western Civilisation.

The group is "composed primarily of students and alumni of Toronto universities," whose goals include "to organize for and advance the interests of Western peoples" and "to promote and celebrate Western Civilisation."

"Students are taught that all of Western Civilization is inherently 'racist' and that Western countries are plagued by a 'systemic and institutionalized' racism which reinforces a 'system of white supremacy,'" the website reads.

The group also says Canada's immigration policy "is rapidly reducing white people to minorities and thereby greatly diminishing their democratic influence."

York University spokesperson Joanne Rider said Students for Western Civilisation is not a university-sanctioned group, and that eight of the group's posters were removed from the school's Keele campus Monday morning.

Ryerson spokesman Michael Forbes said the university is asking members of the community to notify the school if they see one of the group's posters so it can be removed.

“The group in question is not affiliated with Ryerson and we do not condone these offensive signs being placed on our campus,” he said.

The posters were also removed at the University of Toronto, after student representatives deemed them "triggering," according to Metro.

Toronto criminal lawyer Chris Rudnicki said police should investigate the posters, which he said could be considered hate speech, Vice News reported.

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