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#BlackModelsMatter: The NYFW Street Style Outfit That's Making A Serious Statement About Fashion

It's no secret that the fashion folk pull out all the stops when it comes to their outfits for fashion week. And while most of the said outfits often make some serious style statements, it's rare to see an ensemble makes a social, political or cultural statement.

So when a showgoer utilizes his or her street style to deliver an important message, it's the type of outfit we think should go viral.

Model and artist Ashley B. Chew was spotted at New York Fashion Week making an important point about diversity at the shows. She sported customized a black handbag by writing BLACK MODELS MATTER (a play on the Black Lives Matter movement) across in white paint, and paired it with a white tank top she designed in the style of a Pantone colour swatch with the word BLACKNESS.

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"Diversity in the fashion industry is very frustrating at times but it is getting better with some designers," Chew told HuffPost UK Style. "As a black model and fine artist it is disappointing sometimes to walk into a casting and seeing later in runways they didn't cast a model of colour.

"Overall there have been changes made, some in the industry have been absolutely fantastic with representing an entire spectrum of beauty."

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Chew's form of protest ties in perfectly with the Huffington Post's #NYFW4All and #LFW4All campaigns, which highlights moments in Fashion Week that include people of all skin tones, genders, shapes and personalities. Chew tells HuffPost UK Style she's happy to be on board with the message.

"I would be honored to help in representing the NYFW4All campaign," she said. "Many of these models I look up to, myself, my art, my style is a reflection of the beauty of women of colour."

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