09/15/2015 11:32 EDT | Updated 09/16/2015 12:59 EDT

Celebrity Then and Now: These Illustrations Make Us Miss Our Younger Selves

A Colombian artist has imagined iconic celebrities with their younger selves.

A Colombian artist has imagined iconic celebrities with their younger selves, showing just how much they’ve grown and changed.

Artist Fulvio Obregón, also known as Fulaleo, created a series of illustrations called “Me & My Other Me.” The before and after photos feature famous faces, such as Michael Jackson and Steve Jobs, posing with their younger counterparts. Both selves are seen wearing something reflective of the celebrity’s life and accomplishments, emphasizing the differences between their past and present self.

The results are fascinating!

Fulaleo explains on his website that his art was inspired by an ad which showed a woman standing next to her younger self. He then applied the idea to celebrities.

On social media, the artist has received tons of positive feedback from his followers. “This is one of the coolest things I've ever seen,” one fan wrote on Twitter.

Another fan on Instagram said: “These are amazing.”

This isn’t the first time celebrities have posed with their younger selves. Last year, People Magazine invited some of the World’s Most Beautiful celebrities to pose with life-size cardboard cutouts of their younger selves. The results were just as fascinating as Fulaleo’s illustrations.


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