09/15/2015 12:56 EDT | Updated 09/15/2016 05:12 EDT

Harper: Seniors Who Are Single, Widowed Will Get Tax Relief

VANCOUVER — Conservative Leader Stephen Harper has announced plans to provide tax relief for single and widowed seniors.

At a campaign stop Tuesday in North Vancouver, Harper said a $2,000 single seniors tax credit would help nearly 1.6 million seniors who have pension income.

Harper said when combined with the existing $2,000 pension income tax credit, it would double the tax relief available to single seniors beginning in January 2017.

He said seniors have saved and worked their entire lives and they know best how to make financial decisions about their retirement.

Under the policy, a single senior would receive tax relief of up to $600 a year, the Conservatives said.

It would be phased in over four years — initially costing $23 million and up to $397 million when fully implemented.

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