09/15/2015 04:53 EDT | Updated 09/15/2016 05:12 EDT

Search For Calgary Teen In B.C. National Park Now a Recovery Effort

Yoho National Park
Graham Grinner Lewis/Flickr
Yoho National Park
FIELD, B.C. — A Parks Canada spokeswoman says the search for a missing man from Alberta in Yoho National Park is now a recovery effort.

The 19-year-old man from Calgary is believed to have been swept over Twin Falls while climbing along the waterway in the park.

Parks Canada's Tania Peters says a park safety team has been deployed and a helicopter is conducting an aerial search of the water down from the falls.

Peters says they're looking for any clues that may indicate the man fell in the water and are checking along the shoreline.

The RCMP responded to a report that the unnamed man was swept over the waterfall on Sunday afternoon.



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