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'The Mindy Project' Style Lessons: Sparkles And Jewel Tones Forever

On top of the release of Mindy Kaling's new book today, those with Hulu access welcomed Dr. Mindy Lahiri back for season 4 of The Mindy Project, a sitcom we love for both its tight writing and for its wardrobe. (Those without Hulu can catch seven episodes online starting Sept. 16 at noon. Hooray!)

Here's why we feel comfortable saying we've learned a lot about style from Mindy and her penchant for patterns: Since the series' debut back in 2012, we've watched her own the heck out of a very unique and bold sense of style, and along the way she reminded us that sparkles are appropriate always, and we never need to fear a bright tone.

Here are a few of our other favourite style lessons, courtesy of Mindy Lahiri and in turn, Mindy Kaling.

  • 1. Embrace Your Inner 'Hot Mess'
    1. Embrace Your Inner 'Hot Mess'
    Of course, season one’s infamous Thanksgiving episode is less about fashion than it is about overcoming all-too-familiar bouts of low self-esteem, but you still have to raise you Emoji hallelujah hands in the air -- Mindy summed up the key to making yourself feel great in those moments of feeling the opposite. Dress powerfully. Suit up. Wear the sparkles if you want to. (And then, in those sparkles, talk to your best friend about why you’ve been feeling so terrible so she can help.)
  • 2. Never Be Ashamed To Ask For What You Want
    2. Never Be Ashamed To Ask For What You Want
    Odds are that if you’re reading this, you’re a grown-ass woman. And that means that you’ve earned the right (even more than the beloved youth of today) to ask for exactly what you want, even if it happens to be a style accessory that isn’t "glamourous." So, you want Spanx? Get Spanx. You want high-rise jeans that keep everything -- as I like to say -- "contained"? Go for it. You want Cankle Wranglers? Girl, they’re yours. Shop fearlessly, shop confidently, shop like no one’s watching. Shop like Mindy Lahiri, style queen.
  • 3. Nothing Says 'Business' Like A Classic Tweed Blazer
    3. Nothing Says 'Business' Like A Classic Tweed Blazer
    And maybe I’m pushing my own agenda on you (or my weird obsession with Roxy’s outfits from "Kingsmen: Secret Service"), but as proven by Dr. Mindy Lahiri’s confidence while wearing tweed blazers, I am confident in maintaining that nothing says "business time" like the only jacket that won’t make you feel like you’re wearing your Keg hostess uniform from 2003. Instead, you’ll find yourself laying down the law, asserting your independence, and telling it exactly like it is. (Which I’m 99 per cent sure is what happens whenever you wear anything inspired by "The Mindy Project".)
  • 4. Don't Fear The Pattern Mix
    4. Don't Fear The Pattern Mix
    Patterns are glorious. They’re interesting. They’re eye-catching. They’re scary. Yes, an abundance of polka dots can seem terrifying while in the midst of sea of neutrals, but as proven by Dr. Lahiri, they can act as their own neutrals, anchoring a louder pattern, provided there’s enough of a difference between colours. So remember that the next time you worry about seeming "too loud." Because frankly, as far as I’m concerned, none of us are loud enough.
  • 5. Never Apologize For Demanding Attention
    5. Never Apologize For Demanding Attention
    At some point as kids and/or as teens, we were told to play down our outfit pride and instead bulk up on modesty. And sure, it’s never great to meet somebody who’s so full of themselves that they’ve left no room for anybody else to speak, but that’s a long way off from acknowledging the majesty of one’s own outfit. Mindy excels at this. By being so boldly herself (and wearing clothes that add to her voice), she teaches one of the most important fashion lessons there is: at no point should we be hiding behind our clothes. Or hiding at all. And anybody who thinks otherwise are the type of people who wouldn’t understand the brilliance of "The Mindy Project," anyway.
  • 6. All Underwear Should Have Purpose
    6. All Underwear Should Have Purpose
    I understand that the purpose of underwear is to be underwear, but like socks can hide a cell phone and/or cash and/or our hopes/dreams, bras should hold any beverage of your choice. Or, if not that, this: just make sure yours fit okay. Nothing kills a killer (eh?) outfit like underwear gone awry -- especially because you’ll spend the whole day/night fighting the urge to walk calmly into the abyss. So, if you’re not going to fill your bra with wine, abide by the cardinal rule of under-things: go for a bra fitting every year. Not only because it’s free (so why wouldn’t you), but because some of us (hello) have realized too late that we’d been wearing a tragically wrong bra size for up to four years. And fine, I’ll admit that my shirts all fit better now.
  • 7. Channel Your Go-To Style Guru
    7. Channel Your Go-To Style Guru
    And I mean, it can be Sandra Bullock -- especially after ruining your ex’s wedding while wearing the greatest shimmer dress known to humanity -- or it can be Dr. Mindy Lahiri a.k.a. Mindy Kaling herself, whose penchant for statement pieces makes her wardrobe one of TV’s best. This isn’t to say you should ditch your old style to model it after a fictional character, but in moments of doubt -- or in moments of being nervous regarding mixed patterns -- think to yourself, "What would Dr. Lahiri do?" And then, just try the polka dots on. Or don’t. Because Mindy sure wouldn’t want to be told what to do.

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