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Here's What It's Really Like On A TIFF Red Carpet

All we were left with was amateur footage of the stars in passing, a nearly broken camera and bruised egos.

If you think covering TIFF red carpets is glam, well...

Don't get us wrong, it's exhilarating to see celebs IRL, but the whole experience is actually exhausting, with long waits for celebrities to arrive. And no matter how loudly you scream their names (I now have no voice due to this), there's no guarantee the stars will speak to you. Add in cramped space on the red carpet, random weather conditions and sore feet (note to self: ALWAYS opt for flats), and you can call it a day.

At last night's premiere of "Black Mass", we had high hopes to grab interviews with Johnny Depp, Dakota Johnson and Kevin Bacon, but all we were left with was amateur footage of the stars in passing, a nearly broken camera and bruised egos. Sigh.

Here's what we learned:

Beware The Reporters Who Have Suspicious Spatial Judgement

While filming her live stream on her phone, a fellow reporter sent our video camera flying. Luckily, our badass video editor, Alanna, managed to catch the camera right before it hit the ground. Talk about a scare, but thank goodness for Alanna's expert ninja skills.

And Dakota Johnson's Security Guard

As we were trying to grab footage of the "50 Shades Of Grey" star (and ask her what she was wearing, natch), her security guard shoved our cameras out of the way. Lucky for us, we still got the shot. Check it out below:

Amber Heard Doesn't Like Eye Contact/ We May Or May Not Have Met Her Mom

After the whole Dakota security guard debacle, our attention was brought to a blond woman in front of us who kept saying "I'm her mom, I'm her mom." When we asked her whose mother, she replied "Amber!" Split second later, Amber stormed by, telling her "mother" and publicist "Never make eye contact!" We were too flustered (thanks, Dakota's security guard) that we didn't capture it on video, but luckily, Maurie Sherman (a.k.a Damnit Maurie from the Roz and Mocha show on Kiss 92.5) captured the moment in all his glory on his GoPro. Oh the drama!

Expect To Be Ignored...As We Were By Kevin Bacon

And there went all our hopes and dreams of asking him to do his "Footloose" dance. Zero degrees of Kevin Bacon, everyone.

People Really Do Go Crazy For Johnny Depp, Even Reporters

The star we all were waiting for — Mr. Depp himself. He literally came seconds after Kevin Bacon, and my flustered fingers almost didn't capture the moment, but luckily we caught some of him on camera, right before the "livestream reporter" beside us proceeded to shove us and knock us over, creating a domino effect with the rest of the line. The things people do for Johnny...

So there you have it, the glamorous life of TIFF.

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'Black Mass' Premiere At TIFF 2015

This is what happened when we attended the red carpet premiere of Black Mass at the Toronto International Film Festival #TIFF15

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