09/16/2015 03:11 EDT | Updated 09/16/2015 05:59 EDT

Canadagram: Meet MasonCharles


This week we introduce you to a young Toronto photographer with a keen eye and great sense of style. Meet @MasonCharles. Here he is in his own words.

Hey guys, my name is Mason Charles. I'm a 16 year old Toronto/Los Angeles based photographer. I've been taking photos for a little over a year and a half now and I'm taking over the @Canadagram account for the next week. I Can't wait to share some of my favorite photos with everyone! Here's a photo I took of myself in Colorado last year.

What inspires you to shoot? What do you love taking photos of?

Traveling inspires me to take photos. I love traveling. Seeing the different cultures and different architecture has heavily inspired my photos.

What's the one photography tip you want to share?

Be patient. Being patient is a BIG part of photography. Here's a photo I took this winter in Toronto using this tip.

How did you get started in photography? What about Instagram?

Back in 2012, I used to make short films every weekend that I would post on YouTube. That's one way that I got into photography. A couple years later, in 2014, I started taking photos. It started off as a hobby but eventually, I realized I couldn't live without it. Here's a photo I took back in March 2014 in Montreal. This moment was the first time I felt like a photographer.

#ThrowbackThursday. Can you share a photo that you love with us?

One of my favorite photos. I took this in 2014 in California while whale watching. A pod of dolphins swam by our boat, luckily I had my camera on me to capture this moment!

#FollowFriday. Who are some of your favourite photographers to follow?

My brothers, @maxcharles1, @brockcharles1, & @logancharles_ . They're always very honest when I ask them their thoughts about my photos, that's something that's important to me. Here's a photo I took this winter in Toronto at sunrise.

Have you got a project that you're working on and want to share with us?

This is my last day taking over @CanadaGram. I'm so thankful I got to share some of my favorite photos with you! Make sure you follow my account to see some of my new photos! Also, I teamed up with @SanDisk to showcase some photos from my upcoming travels. Follow their account to see some new photos of mine over the next couple of months!

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