09/16/2015 05:15 EDT | Updated 09/21/2015 02:59 EDT

Chris Hadfield Invites Ahmed Mohamed, Teen Inventor, To Hang Out With Him

Texas teen Ahmed Mohamed began his week in handcuffs, after a teacher had mistaken his homemade clock for a bomb.

But just two days later, he's being asked to share his passion for science with prominent people on both sides of the border.

U.S. President Barack Obama was first. But now astronaut Chris Hadfield has invited the young inventor to join him at a science show happening in Toronto next month.

"Chris Hadfield's Generator" is a variety show that will bring a series of speakers including BBC's Robin Ince, Destin Sandlin, the host of YouTube show "Smarter Every Day," as well as musicians, a poet and a comedian. Hadfield is slated to deliver a keynote speech.

The show is a chance for people who don't normally take the stage to show their discoveries and their projects, as a way of sharing ideas in an entertaining manner, Hadfield told The Huffington Post Canada.

It takes place at Massey Hall on Oct. 28. Ticket prices range between $39 and $189.

Should Ahmed wish to make the trip, he might even have a nice place to stay thanks to a generous offer by a luxury Toronto hotel.

This is yet another sign that Ahmed should never stop indulging his curiosity. People all over the world want to see what he does next!

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