09/16/2015 07:06 EDT | Updated 09/16/2015 07:59 EDT

Pamela Anderson Was 'Surprised' At Russia's Environmental Policies

"We really live in a bubble over here."

Could Russia be turning over a new leaf when it comes to its climate policy? Pamela Anderson thinks so.

"Ten years ago, if you said 'Russia' and 'environment' they said it'd be like you were bringing up something they have no concept of. But now they're taking it full on," the former "Baywatch" star told the Huffington Post Canada during the 2015 Producers Ball.

The actress-turned-activist visited the Russian city of Vladivostok for the Eastern Economic Forum in early September. She came as a guest of environment minister Sergei Donskoi to talk about the state of the whale and seal industry, the Daily Mail reports.

It was during that conference the Canadian-born star says she had "no idea" about Russia's policies on the climate.

"They're so progressive in this way — they're not in other ways — but when it comes to the environment, I was really surprised and excited at how much they're concerned," the 48-year-old said.

It's not just Anderson who's surprised about about Russia's commitments towards the planet.

In April, country officials agreed to meet the U.N.'s deadline for "intended nationally determined contributions," much to the surprise of the country's critics, according to Carbon Brief.

The deadlines will help shape the groundwork for the international climate change agreement in Paris. But while officials say they've committed to a 25-30% reduction on its 1990 levels of greenhouse gases, it's vaguely-worded targets also leave plenty of caveats.

For more on what Anderson has to say about Russia protecting the environment, check out the video up top.

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