09/17/2015 06:32 EDT | Updated 09/17/2015 06:59 EDT

Celebrity TIFF Lookalikes: How To Fool Everyone Into Believing You're A Star

Elle Fanning... is that you?

If anyone’s ever said you look JUST like a certain celebrity, the 2015 Toronto International Film Festival might be the perfect time to put that doppelganger effect to the test.

But much like those real stars, it's not enough to look the part. You've got to act it out too. The Huffington Post Canada's Kait Howell decided to see if she could transform herself into 17-year-old actress Elle Fanning.

Now, it's pretty clear Howell won't take home an Oscar for her performance but she did learn a few tricks about fooling the adoring public in the video above.

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