09/17/2015 05:46 EDT | Updated 09/17/2015 05:59 EDT

Students Admit To Choosing Programs To Make Parents Happy

And 10 per cent are only in school to 'satisfy' their parents.

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When making a major life decision, it's normal to ask those around you for advice. But getting someone's opinion and doing what you want, are two very different things.

A new survey, conducted by Ipsos Reid for RBC, found that nearly 30 per cent of Canadian post secondary students chose their programs to please their parents.

And some parents are well aware of that fact. According to the survey results, two in 10 parents agree that their child chose their program just to please them.

Perhaps it's because 75 per cent of the students surveyed believed they would not able to get a job after graduation. But as Maclean's magazine pointed out in 2013, university grads are getting jobs — just not the ones they want.

The online survey, which garnered answers from 1,003 students and 1,001 parents, also found that life after graduation was another area where parents and kids did not see eye to eye. While 67 per cent of parents say finding a meaningful and fulfilling job will make their children happy, only 42 per cent of the students agreed. Students revealed besides making a lot of money, they also wanted to travel, find love and pay off debt.

Did your parent's play a role in helping you decide what to take in school? Let us know in the comments below.

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