09/17/2015 09:49 EDT | Updated 09/17/2015 10:59 EDT

Elizabeth May Shut Out Of Leader's Debate, Cheeky Hashtag Takes Off

Elizabeth May didn’t get an invite from The Globe and Mail to participate in its federal leaders debate, but that formality didn’t stop her from jumping in anyway.

While Stephen Harper, Thomas Mulcair, and Justin Trudeau shouted over each other, accusing one another of playing politics in Calgary on Thursday, the Green Party leader turned to Twitter to hold a shadow debate.

The #GlibAndMale hashtag tucked inside May’s message later began trending on the West Coast after The Globe and Mail started its primetime political matchup.

It reminded viewers that May’s inclusion in August’s debate comparatively made this political sparring match a waste of time.

And others made another important observation.

Reminder: it’s 2015.

A woman leads a federal party and was not invited to a leader’s debate 4.5 weeks before an election.

Listening from Victoria, B.C., May called out Harper for claiming the Conservative government is “investing heavily in green technology.”

She responded with a fact check in a 22-second video.

“Sorry Mr. Harper, fact check. Canada has not been investing and renewable energy,” said May. “We’re one of the only countries in the world that isn’t a member of the International Renewable Energy [Agency].”

“We need to diversify our energy mix. We need green energy.”

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