09/17/2015 05:00 EDT

Fans At TIFF 2015 Are Some Of The Best In Show

The "celebrity-sighting" struggle is real.

How long would you wait in the sun, snow, or rain just to catch a glimpse of your favourite celebrity?

For some adoring fans at the 2015 Toronto International Film Festival, they staked their spot on the red carpet and behind barricades for hours in the hopes of catching a glimpse or even a selfie with the stars.

And let's just say the celebrity-sighting struggle is real.

Fans had a slew of A-listers to choose from this year. From Natalie Portman to Ryan Reynolds to Kate Winslet and Jake Gyllenhaal, the celeb guest list was stellar.

But there's one star who had mobs of fans clutching signs and cameras outside the Elgin and Winter Garden Theatre in Toronto. Watch the video to find what lengths fans went through to see this beloved celeb.

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