09/17/2015 09:37 EDT | Updated 09/17/2015 10:59 EDT

Naheed Nenshi Is The Best Debate Commentator We've Seen Yet

While the latest leaders' debate featured Justin Trudeau, Stephen Harper and Thomas Mulcair sniping at each other, Calgary's mayor gave the best commentary from the front row.

Even when it goes downhill.

Even when it's a little awkward.

Make this man the moderator.

JT, SH, TM. Why didn't we do this earlier? Genius.

JT, Justin Timberlake or Justin Trudeau, Nenshi wins, hands down.

He's like a master fact-checker.

Get on that, stat!

Someone get this man a USB cord!

He missed Shania for this?!

Come back, Nenshi!

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