09/17/2015 05:13 EDT | Updated 09/17/2015 05:59 EDT

'The View' Feels Very Strongly About 'Dear Fat People's' Nicole Arbour

"Watching you say it, it's like borderline bullying."

"The View" may have brought an abrupt conclusion to Nicole Arbour's 15 minutes of fame when the hosts criticized her widely over her "Dear Fat People" video.

The Toronto comedian sat down for a chat on Wednesday's show, and the five women sitting with her pulled no punches.

Arbour initially tried to charm the hosts by remarking on the state of her hair in the "Dear Fat People" video.

But Whoopi Goldberg had none of it, telling her, "This is your shot."

Joy Behar laid into Arbour early on, saying, "I'm a comic, so if I'm going to do a joke about a fat person, I'm going to say I'm fat first. You're not fat, that's the problem."

Arbour later tried to defend the video as satire, but Michelle Collins broke down that defense: "We're comedians here, I watch it and I'm like, where is the satire? You're like a skinny, blonde girl ...

"Watching you say it, it's like borderline bullying," she added, and the audience clapped enthusiastically.

Arbour maintained, as she has in previous statements, that she wouldn't be facing the same level of criticism if she were male.

"They can make fun of everything, and I would rather be the guy in 'Entourage,' with a guy named Turtle sitting beside me and rolling joints, than be the topless girl number three in that," she said.

To which Raven-Symone replied, "You need to get a new agent that'll help you with that."

So let's recap how "Dear Fat People" has been received. It has over 5 million hits on YouTube, sure.

But's also been slammed by the likes of Chrissy Teigen, it was savaged on "The View," and it cost Arbour a potential job on an anti-bullying movie.

Is all this REALLY what she set out to accomplish?

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